26th June 2020 - Masterpiece 2020 - Charles Wallrock for Wick Antiques

Masterpiece Online showcases from Charles Wallrock. Knowledge and passion, conveying a sense of discovery! View the collection discussed in the video here - https://wickantiques.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Wick-Antiques-catalogue-2020.pdf
3rd July 2019 - Martyn Downer Masterpiece Talk
An in depth talk from Marytn Downyer (author of Nelson’s lost jewel and curator of the Wick Antiques stand ‘Traversing Britain’s Oceanic History through Antiques’. Click here to view the exhibition.
27th August 2019 - Charles Wallrock shows off his wares
Charles Wallrock of Wick Antiques shows off his wares
27th August 2019 - Wick Antiques Masterpiece 2019 Cannon focus
Traversing Britain’s Oceanic History through Antiques, our stand at Masterpiece 2019.
27th September 2019 - Wick Antiques Masterpiece 2019
A Short film from of our Masterpiece stand 2019 - Traversing Britain’s Oceanic History through Antiques. Our curated collection of works of art and artefacts on a single naval theme caught the imagination. Numerous visitors congratulated us on the scope and interest of...
15th April 2019 - Wick Antiques
Wick Antiques. Who are we? A little about us.