Introducing, The London Collection at The Talisman Building – Coach House Piano

By Zara Rowe 3rd December 2020

After 14 years of occupying the Talisman Building, a good friend of mine Ken Bolan was understandably attached to its lovely modernist design. When he purchased it back in 2006, it was due for demolition, so it was a proud moment when he managed to have restored, and saved it for others to enjoy.

When Nick Rustling, founder of Coach House Piano, approached Ken with a view to make it their prime London showroom, he was delighted. The surprise was that Nick entrusted the design of the interior to Ken, and asked if he could use some of his stock and expertise to furnish the showroom. He felt Ken’s objects and art would complement his pianos, and I agree.

Ken asked myself – Wick Antiques, and Adam Fileman of Fileman Antiques, to join him to help curate the The London Collection, which can be viewed on Kens website or at the Talisman Building.

Coach House Pianos can be contacted here, please check opening times.

We wish Coach House Pianos every success as they embark on this new journey in their business. I know they will thoroughly enjoy London, and after all the obstacles 2020 has thrown at us, we are pleased to let you know that today they opened their doors in their London Showroom launch. 

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