A cased Lloyds £ 50 sword for valour awarded to Lt. Ogle Moore of H.M.S. Maidstone, 1804,A cased Lloyds £ 50 sword for valour awarded to Lt. Ogle Moore of H.M.S. Maidstone, 1804,

A cased Lloyds £50 sword for valour awarded to Lt. Ogle Moore of H.M.S. Maidstone, 1804




Blade length 29 inches

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A cased Lloyds £ 50 sword for valour awarded to Lt. Ogle Moore of H.M.S. Maidstone, 1804, the curved single-edged hollow-ground blade (minor areas of wear) richly etched and gilt against blue ground with flowers, foliage, a naval trophy, figures of Hope and Britannia and crowned arms a cypher of George III and the presentation inscription “FROM THE PATRIOTIC FUND AT LLOYDS TO LIETnt. OGLE MOORE OF H.M.S. MAIDSTONE WHO COMD. ONE OF THE BOATS OF THAT SHIP WHICH WITH THOSE OF THE NARCISSUS & SEA HORSE IN THE NIGHT OF THE 10TH JULY 1804 BOARDED & DESTROYED A NUMBER OF THE ENEMY’S VEsle MOORED CLOSE TO THE TOWN OF LA VANDOUR IN HIERES BAY UNDER A TREMENDOUS FIRE OF GRAPE SHOT & MUSQtry. FROM THE BATs. & HOUSES RECrd. IN THE GAZte. OF 6th OCTr.”, the stirrup hilt in ormolu, the quillons formed as fasces, the knuckle-guard a Hercules club entwined by a snake, the longets cast with acanthus foliage and applied naval trophies, the backpiece of the chequered ivory cast as the skin of the Nemean Lion, in its original engraved scabbard mounted in ormolu, the mounts with applied naval trophies and fouled anchors, the formed framing respectively figures of Hercules and the Hydra and with the Nemean Lion, and a nude man with a tiger on an anchored leash, two suspension rings, the belt of navy blue leather embroidered with silver threads and spangles and gilt mounts including lion mask bosses and buckle with snake clasp, in original mahogany case with green baize lining and the lid replaced with a glass panel for display.

Footnotes: On the 11th July 1803 twelve boats from the frigates Narcissus, Seahorse and Maidstone (including four from the latter commanded by Lieutenant Moore) attacked twelve enemy vessels in Hieres Bay, on the Cote d’Azur. The enemy vessels were moored head and stern close to the beach and covered by a battery of three guns. In spite of tremendous fire from the ships, the battery and from the houses of the town of La Vandour, eleven of the enemy were boarded and set on fire and one brought off as a prize. The British losses amounted to 4 killed and 22 wounded.  In a letter to the Admiralty Office Nelson wrote that “the determined bravery of Lieutenants Thompson, Parker, Lumley and Moore………could not be exceeded.” All four Lieutenants were awarded swords by the Patriotic Fund.  On the 22nd June 1806 Moore commanded one of the two boats from the frigate Minerva which captured the Fort at Finisterre, spiked the guns and brought out five luggers as prizes without a single casualty. Once again, the Patriotic Fund recognized the officers involved and Lieutenant Moore was presented with a silver vase of £50 value.

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