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A Fine Ship Builder’s Model of S. S. Forthbridge, circa 1928


Circa 1928




Height: 21 inches Length: 60 inches Width: 15 ¾ inches

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A Fine Ship Builder’s Model of S. S. Forthbridge, circa 1928 The hull of this model is built up in lifts (or planks), with a painted dark red bottom and grey and white topsides.  It is marked at the bow and stern with draft markings, and at the centre of the topsides with the plimsoll mark.  The decks of are maple veneer, with the deck plating seams drawn in Indian ink.  The details, mostly gold plated, include anchors, anchor windlass and chain, hawse pipes, bollards, chocks and ventilators, railings, cargo hatches with maple veneer covers and Indian ink details, open bridge with canopy frames, binnacle, wheel, running lights, funnel with vents, boats on davits secured amidships, two masts with cargo booms, many deck structures in varnished maple, a secondary ship’s wheel with quadrant at the stern, and aft canopy frame.  The model is displayed on four German silver pedestals on a raised plinth within the original mahogany-framed case with the original builder’s plaques mounted on the centre of each side.

An article in the Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail dated 19th March 1928 describes the sea trial for the Forthbridge as follows: “The screw steamer Forth Bridge, built to the order of Messrs. Crosby, Magee and Co. West Hartlepool, by Messrs. Wm. Doxford and Sons Ltd. of Sunderland ran a very successful trial on Saturday, an average speed of 11.5 knots being attained.  The vessel is of the single-deck type, with poop, long bridge and forecastle.  Her dimensions are: Length 390 ft; breadth 54ft 9in; depth 30ft 2in with a deadweight capacity of about 9000 tons.  She is built to Lloyd’s highest class.  The machinery was supplied by Messrs. Richardson, Westgarth and Co. Scotia Engine Works, Sunderland.  The owners were represented by Mr T. H. Nevinson, their marine superintendent, and Messrs. H. Gallacher and F. H. Russell represented the builders and engineers respectively”.

The vessel was the victim of a catastrophic fire off of Tokyo in 1936 which raged for several days.  At this point, the ship’s complement consisted of: Captain Henry S. Darkins, First Mate A. F. Walsh, First Engineer W. A. Whincop and 23 further crew. 

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