Tooled-Leather Lamp Table French, circa 1825Tooled-Leather Lamp Table French, circa 1825

A Charles X Tooled-leather Lamp Table

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Height 30.50 inch. Diameter 12.00 inch.

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This rare Charles X table has a small round top with an aquatint inset under glass within an ormolu gallery. The engraving shows the Three Graces stealing arrows from Cupid as he sleeps curled up against a rock. The table itself comprises a frieze drawer in the central drum above a facetted straight support on three cabriole legs with brass castors. It is decorated throughout in gilt-tooled red leather with classical motifs and borders including armorial trophies, sphinxes and honey bees. French, circa 1825.

This exquisite table showcases a captivating artwork by the renowned 18th-century Swiss artist Angelica Kauffman. The table displays a beautifully reproduced print of Kauffman’s masterpiece, Cupid Disarm’d by the Graces, which features three graceful women playfully disarming Cupid. Kauffman, a prominent member of the Royal Academy, was celebrated for her Neoclassical style that emphasized harmony, balance, and idealized beauty.

The image on the lamp table’s surface is a testament to the skillful collaboration between Kauffman, printmaker G. Scorodoomo, and the Boydell family, a prominent English family of publishers, engravers, and print sellers. The Boydells played a crucial role in popularizing British art during the 18th and 19th centuries. The engraving captures the essence of Kauffman’s original painting while adding depth and detail through the intricate printmaking process.


Born in 1741 in Switzerland, Angelica Kauffman was a gifted artist who gained recognition as one of the most successful female painters of her time. A member of the prestigious Royal Academy, Kauffman was celebrated for her portraits, history paintings, and decorative art. Her work was influenced by the Neoclassical movement, which emphasized harmony, balance, and idealized beauty.

Cupid Disarm’d by the Graces: A Masterpiece by Kauffman

One of Kauffman’s most notable works, Cupid Disarm’d by the Graces, is an enchanting painting that showcases her mastery of composition and color. The painting features three graceful women surrounding a cherubic Cupid, playfully disarming him of his bow and arrows. The delicate balance of the figures, the soft color palette, and the harmonious interplay of the characters exemplify Kauffman’s skill and the influence of the Neoclassical movement on her work.

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