Fusion and Fantasy 2011 – Lady Henrietta Spencer Churchill

14th September 2019

We are delighted that Lady Henrietta Spencer Churchill has agreed to design our stand for
this year’s Masterpiece Fair. Our theme is the ability of art to transcend cultural and
geographical borders. Great craftsmanship can be admired by everyone with an appreciative
eye, regardless of the traditions in which they have been raised. Once new influences have
been assimilated into existing cultures an exciting fusion of ideas can take place. 19th
century Europe, thanks largely to the series of International Fairs, the increased ease of
travel, the development of photography, as well as the opening of Japan to the West under
the auspices of the Meiji dynasty, was a fulcrum forjust such transitions. We have exhibited
a magnificent cabinet by Gabriel Viardot who was an early exponent of ‘Orientalism’, silvered
porcelain dragon vases in the Japanese taste but made in France, Chinese plates made for
the Dutch market showing Cape Town and Italian commodes from a country house in
Somerset. In this catalogue we have a Japanese lacquer, wood and textile table, in itself a
fantasy, reputedly made for the Great Exhibition in 1851. There is a pair of monumental
pagodas made in France to showcase a set of Japanese gold lacquer panels. In 1888 the Dutch
royal family commissioned Louis Majorelle, a French master craftsman to furnish the palace
of Het Loo and we include a mirror from this suite. Fascination with ancient Egypt is
represented by two English pieces, a Regency mirror and a bust by John Adams Acton of
Pharaoh’s Daughter. Finally furniture made to English designs in the Far East out of exotic
timbers complete the list. The creation and distribution of 19th century furniture flowed
around the world thus making the acquisition and appreciation of beautiful objects a truly international pursuit.


Fusion and Fantasy
Fusion and Fantasy

Fusion and Fantasy Fusion and Fantasy double spead

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