Book of Queens

24th May 2022

This year, in celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, our stand at Masterpiece, and accompanying catalogue, will feature pieces with royal connections.  Monarchs though the centuries have influenced our nation through the Church, the Armed Forces, patronage of the arts and sciences and deep-rooted connections to many national charities.  The overwhelming majority of powerful figures through the ages – from Kings and courtiers to politicians, scientists, artists and sculptors – were men.  We are proud to highlight the distaff side of the story in this Collection.

We acknowledge Queen Mary II’s initiative in founding the Royal Naval Hospital at Greenwich with an oil painting by Frederick Winkfield showing the hospital from across a bustling River Thames with both sailing and steam ships in the foreground.  Queen Mary was queen regnant and ruled  jointly with her husband King William III until her death of smallpox at 32. On her right is Queen Adelaide, a German princess who became queen consort of King William IV.  We are offering a pair of coach panels painted with her coat of arms.  Adelaide in Australia is named after her.

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